Beginning Fashion Industry Jobs

Beginning Fashion Industry Jobs

Fashion is a general term used to define the businesses, industries, products and other entities which create attractive offers to customers. It is the second most popular amongst students who wish to major in a field of study which has a significant bearing on how they will look as adults. The global fashion industry is estimated to be so important to the economy that it regularly features in the development strategy of several countries. In order to study in any country, one must ensure they are knowledgeable about the fashion industry and how it impacts that particular country’s society and economy.

Students must research the fashion industry and what opportunities it provides to people based on their own interests before considering which university to apply to. There are many universities with fashion programs offering a variety of degree and certificate programs that can assist the student in gaining work experience while still in school. The most commonly awarded fashion degrees are Bachelor of Science Degrees (BS) and Bachelor of Arts Degrees (BA). Students must however have completed all academic requirements in their first or second year of college before applying for these higher degree programs.

During their first or second year of college, students should seek out an institution offering fashion degrees. Once they have selected a university, they should request information about the types of degrees which may be available to them. Many universities offer specific concentration areas within the larger field of study which include printmaking, accessory design, fashion development and merchandising among others. There is likely to be an associate program offered which allows students to focus on one particular aspect of the industry while still earning a degree and obtaining their diploma.

After completing an associate degree or bachelor’s degree, students may choose to continue their education by obtaining a Master’s Degree. An advanced degree is also available through a university. Students must achieve a degree in order to qualify for this designation. For those students who wish to obtain a Master’s in Fashion Design and Merchandising, the school will require that he or she have previously taken classes such as accounting, human resources, marketing, textiles, the visual arts and software development. Prior to enrolling in a school which offers such a program, potential applicants should complete the FAFSA application.

A visual merchandising degree is offered at a vocational/trade school which is often part of a larger university. Unlike a traditional college or university, vocational/trade schools do not have the option of considering an applicant’s prior academic achievements when determining admission. Admission to a vocational/trade school is based solely upon a high school diploma or GED. The school may also consider community service and/or a volunteer stint when determining admittance to their programs.

After receiving their formal education, students will need to work or complete an internship to be eligible for the degree. If there is no work experience, a student must complete a course entitled “Accounting for Business Start-up” (A complimentary course) in order to qualify for the major. The program requires four years of coursework and will require the first year to be completed entirely on the student’s own. Students who are majoring in this field should expect to perform above a 3.0 GPA during their first year of study.

The second option for fashion graduates is to complete an internship with a fashion company while still in school. The two most common places to find such internships are department stores or trade shows. These positions require no special qualifications and are typically paid very well. The fashion industry is a diverse one and it is not uncommon for companies to turn an intern into a full-time employee once they prove themselves to be a valuable asset to the organization. These jobs also offer valuable work experience which will be invaluable if a job is offered or down the road.

History degrees are available at almost every university in the United States. Students can pursue a Bachelor of Science in History at any community college, four-year university, or private for-profit college. Students can also enroll in a Bachelor of Arts in History to earn a four year degree. The Bachelor of Arts in History degree will usually be more comprehensive than the Bachelor of Science in History because it includes a broader range of classes and more involvement in community service as well. If a student has a desire to go beyond the classroom and work on-ground in the field, the Bachelor of Arts in History may be the right choice for them.