My Taking the Square – Digital Book Review

My Taking the Square – Digital Book Review

“TAKE MY BEINGdigital” is a mind-boggling multimedia project by award-winning author, Michael Chabon. It’s a multimedia version of his popular picture book, “TAKE ME NOW!” The book tells the tale of a single parent’s search for ways to “take back” his once thriving life and to make it better for his daughter. Now, in TAKE MY BEING digital, Chabon provides powerful images and audio to illustrate these themes in an interactive manner. While on a well-deserved holiday break, Alva shares his recent experiences in the digital world with his son, Austin.

One afternoon in the summer, Austin, ages six, asked for some help. He was upset that his favorite stuffed animal, his Chihuahua, had fallen over. He’d been playing with it all day, and when it fell, it was really tough. So, Austin’s mother, Patti, took him to see her mechanic, but soon learned that the dog could only be restored to its full health with pricey and risky surgery.

So, in an effort to save his doggie’s health, and perhaps save his sanity, Austin’s mom set out to find the source of his sadness: a new puppy. What she discovered about her son made her realize that changing the way she grew up might not have been such a bad idea after all. “TAKE MY BEING Digital” helps us to understand that not all of us can change our lives by taking a bunch of pills or even going “Green,” but we can turn those things that hold us back from “doing the right thing.”

We are given ample time to grow, to experiment, to try out different things and learn from our failures and successes. The time that most families get is “diverted” through television, magazines, movies, video games, and the like. ” TAKE MY BEING Digital” helps us to put that time back to better use. By following the story of Austin and Patti, we discover that by making time for ourselves through constructive activities, we can start creating the meaningful relationships that will help us grow as individuals and as a family.

In this digital book, you do not just hear what Austin has to say about Patti and her family but also get a glimpse of what Austin has learned from his own life. You see, at the beginning of the book, Austin starts off with a message that sums up the theme of the whole book: “BY ANY LEGITIMATE CHANGES, IT MUST BE FOR LOVE”. This is an apt message because love is what will fuel any positive change in your lives, whether it is from being fired from your job, to learning a new skill, or to take your own personal journey toward self-improvement. No matter what you want to improve about yourself, make sure that it is for love…and remember that it is possible!

There are no vague references in this book that give you any indication as to what you should expect to learn. The book is simply about learning to be happier. It is not a workbook for improving interpersonal skills or a 101-style lesson plan about setting goals and then achieving them. But it does offer advice that is very practical, and practical advice that is actually helpful to someone who is in a difficult situation right now, as well as someone who is simply interested in learning something new.

The way the book is organized is also quite different from traditional sources. In a book like “Think and Grow Rich”, the reader is almost expected to know what the chapters are going to be about and how to interpret the text. With “My Taking the Square,” there is no chapter titles, and the reader is left on his or her own to figure out what the book is really about. That doesn’t happen too often. There is only one main topic at the end of each page, and that is simply, “You Can Take My Being Digital.”

While this may be a great book for people looking for a quick lesson on personal transformation and personal growth, it may not be the best choice for someone who is looking to take a more profound step forward in their career, or to take a deeper look into themselves. But if you’re looking for a fun, lighthearted read about something like the concept of taking a photo of yourself when you were a child and putting it on your wall, then this is definitely for you. And if you have a hard time putting images on things, or if you just prefer reading about real life instead of watching it happen, then this is definitely for you. You can read your way through “My Taking the Square” in a matter of minutes, and with just a little practice, it should become second nature to you in no time.