Should I Pay Someone To Take My Psychology Quiz?

Should I Pay Someone To Take My Psychology Quiz?

A few months back, a friend asked me if he could pay someone to take my psychology course for him. He was getting ready for his phd at the University of Michigan and he wanted to brush up on things. He also wanted to learn what questions would be asked on his final test. Naturally, I told him to ask for a sample course from the University. I sent him the course materials and he got started right away.

Within a matter of days he had all of the materials and was ready to take the actual test. So how much does it cost to get these sample tests? About $25 for one study guide and about ten or twenty practice questions. That was all he needed.

He already knew that he didn’t have to take the actual quiz. The idea of taking a “querit” course (a fake course) to brush up on his mental processes was a good one. Besides, he already knew that the course wouldn’t cost him anything. It was really just a good idea. Plus he already has a phd so what difference would it make to take an “expensive” course when he already has his certificate?

Of course, if he really wants to take my psychology quiz for me then he needs to be able to afford it too. The cost isn’t cheap. Fortunately, he found a way to get the materials he needs without going broke.

There are websites out there that will actually let you download the entire course in PDF format so that you can print it off and take it anywhere you like. These courses come with a textbook, worksheet, and copious amounts of practice tests and quizzes. So, after all that, why should he pay to take my psychology course from the school? After all, the materials he gets for free aren’t even nearly as good as those that he is allowed to take for paid.

If he really wants to take the course, then he needs to know that he will actually be getting something out of it. If he takes the free course and then finds out that it isn’t nearly as good as he thought it would be, then he has wasted his money. On the other hand, if he knows that the paid course will help him with the real life problems he faces, then he can put his time and effort into taking the course. It may even mean that he ends up passing the certification exam after all. It’s all up to him.

When someone decides to take a course online, they have to ask themselves whether or not they have the time to invest in it. If they do, then it might very well be worth your while to take the course. However, if they don’t, then they might want to reconsider. After all, you can’t spend your life’s work hours learning about an obscure branch of psychology. Neither can you expect that by taking such a course, you’ll become a certified therapist.

Whether or not you should pay someone to take my psychology quiz for me depends upon your situation. If you are someone who has time for the course but just doesn’t need the certification, then I say go for it. If you feel that you need both but only have enough time to devote to the process, then maybe paying for it isn’t such a bad idea after all. You will likely find it easier to obtain your certificate if you take the free course than if you decide to take the paid one