How to Write My Communication Essay?

How to Write My Communication Essay?

The last two topics I have been asked to write concerning my Communication Essay for the University College, University of St. Thomas are “What is it that will make me successful in University College?” and “How will I write my Communication Essay?” The first topic was more general and concerned with my research on that topic; however the second was more directed to the specific assignment I was given.

As a student I have always given great pride in my written work. Therefore, I felt compelled to pen down my thoughts and feelings on this subject as I did that assignment for the University. Some of my classmates suggested I attempt to write a different essay, since this one had already been written by another student, but I resisted that notion. I felt that I owed it to the community to write what my heart felt was best. Therefore I decided to follow my gut and write my essay based on what my heart felt to be the right thing to do.

During my research process I did come across information that proved my assumption was correct. Unfortunately for me my hypothesis was incorrect because I did not have all of the information I needed to write my communication essay. When I attempted to read my thesis, I felt a sense of doubt develop in me. I remembered having mentioned in one class that I would present my thesis written from my own feelings and perspective. I realized I had not told anyone this and was deeply disappointed when the professor corrected my thesis and accused me of plagiarizing.

This situation has caused me many sleepless nights. Initially I was upset at myself for stealing somebody else’s work without even trying to know who the author was. However, once I began to think about the situation I realized that there were many reasons for me to plagiarize.

Firstly, I felt it was necessary to write my own paper as I wanted to show my critics that I was capable of writing on a different level. Secondly, I felt it was necessary to prove to them that no matter what subject I chose to write on I would be able to write in an original manner. Thirdly, I felt that I had to prove that I was a good writer and people would not like to read my work if I did not. Therefore, in order to prepare myself for this examination I made sure to do my homework thoroughly.

I spent a lot of time researching the different areas of communication, literature and styles. By reading many books and articles I gained knowledge on what would make a good communication essay. I also discussed these topics with other students in my course and hoped that they would be able to offer me some new ideas or advice that would help me write my communication essay better.

My main concern was how to approach the main problem of how to express my idea clearly and concisely. The reason I mentioned above that I had to write my own paper was because I had to use my own feelings and personal experiences to justify my views on certain issues. Therefore, it was necessary for me to use sources that were both reliable and relevant.

When writing a communication essay it is important to keep your audience in mind. The best way to do this is to show how you reached a particular conclusion about a particular subject. If you are undecided about something then you should not state your opinion piece without thinking about the possible implications. Try and avoid controversial statements and opinions, as they can cause offence.